Tips for assembling flat pack furniture

Flat pack furniture has given consumers access to quality furniture that is cheap and can be assembled at your own pace. Some people are put off by flat pack furniture as they feel that they don’t have the expertise to build it, but in fact just about any piece of furniture can be built by anyone if the right precautions are taken.

Check all of the parts

There is nothing more frustrating than getting part of the way through the build to find out that you don’t have all of the parts. Unbox all of the components and check that they are all there; if you are missing something you can get in touch with the manufacturer and get the parts that are needed.

Read the instructions thoroughly before you start

This sounds like a no-brainer but you’ll be surprised at how many people start building there furniture pieces without reading the instructions fully, then find that they have parts the wrong way round or in the wrong place.

Lay out the parts in order

Reading the instructions is only the first part of a stress free build; it is also a good idea to lay the parts out in the order in which you will need them. Once all of the parts are in place it is just a matter of picking up the next part when you need it.

Assemble the piece on its front or back; this will minimise the strain on the corner joints and make sure that all of the fixtures are fully tightened before lifting the piece into position. For bigger items such as wardrobes or beds it is a good idea to have another person helping to make the job a lot easier.

Taking these precautions takes the stress out of assembling flat pack furniture and ensures that the piece will last for many years.

Picture: Manuel W.

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