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With the onset of winter not all that far away, now is the time to take a serious look at whether your home is adequately insulated. Poor insulation, or worse still no insulation can cost hundreds of pounds extra  in fuel used each year, fully insulating does cost some money, but it will pay for itself many times over.

What then are the points to look for? First and foremost the roof space which is the easiest to insulate and also is the area which loses the most heat from a home. As you are probably aware, heat rises and so insulating the loft of your home is one of the best energy saving measures that you can take. The savings from installing loft insulation are considerable. If you had no loft insulation at all and you fit the recommended 270mm, then you could save over £200 from your heating bills. If you have insulation already, but not the recommended 270mm then you can still make considerable savings by topping it up to 270mm. Following on from insulating the loft space ensure that all pipework is lagged and in good condition, otherwise you could have expensive and wet damage if pipes freeze.

Naturally you should look at doors and windows and ensure that these have draft proofing strips in place and if they have been there for some time they should be replaced as they harden if rubber or lose spring if metal.

An area which is often forgotten is the integral garage which can be a source of cold next to the house. Because most garage doors are made from metal they are extremely good at conducting heat which means that if it is freezing outside the garage will be freezing on the inside unless the garage is heated. Insulating a garage door is not difficult and can be accomplished in a couple of hours. This can be achieved using off cuts or new panels of insulation material glued to the door. It wіll make a huge difference and not be seen from the outside when closed and an up an over door will still function.

loft insulation

Picture: Southend in Transition

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