Blinds for your baby’s nursery

Blinds are a great way to finish off your baby’s nursery.  You can buy blinds in any colour, pattern and style; from plain neutral colours to brightly coloured patchwork farm animals, the options are endless.  You can therefore find blinds that blend in perfectly with the style of your baby’s room.  Blinds are a good alternative to curtains in a nursery because they are clean and tidy, and look extra modern. 

Babies need as much sleep as possible to give them time to grow, and to give their parents time to rest too.  Therefore blackout blinds are a popular choice for nurseries, as they keep the room completely dark to simulate night during the day.  Additionally, blackout blinds will keep a room cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

The most popular sort of blackout blind is the roller blind, although it is also possible to buy roman blinds with blackout material.  Roman blinds are a very modern alternative to curtains, and will help to give your nursery a chic and unique look.

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