Now the Christmas decorations are down

The one thing that most of us find is that when we have taken down the Christmas decorations, inevitably some minor scrapes and marks are usually left behind, especially when we try to get the Christmas tree out!

The first thing to do is not to become too depressed as often some minor work is all that is needed and the first thing to do is to look and make an assessment of just what is needed. If wall paper has been damaged and torn, then there will be little that can be done other than to repaper the room, but before you take that drastic step, can you put a small picture or object over the damage to hide it?

Walls which are painted with an emulsion are not a problem; to give a wall another single coat of emulsion is relatively simple unless you wish to change the colour scheme. It is a mistake to try to touch up the walls unless they have only recently been painted, with possible fading, touching up a wall will almost always show up.

Damaged woodwork again is not too difficult unless the paint has been chipped and then you are left with no alternative than to fill the chipped wood, sand down and re-paint. Touching up painted woodwork usually can work unless the paint is old; paint changes colour over time and will show. In this case it will be necessary to paint the whole of the previously painted surfaces.

Often just a simple wash down of the painted surfaces is all that may be required and a solution of sugar soap in warm water will remove all but badly stained walls and it will be worthwhile wiping over the whole surface, this is always a good method of preparing an emulsion pained wall before repainting.

Picture: zaimoku_woodpile

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